Crafty: Christmas Wreath

This weekend was totally what I needed after being a major cranky-pants last week. There were mimosas at breakfast and chatting with Nicole and Megan, as well as this craft project, with a side of lounging. Weekend perfection.

Getting my craft on always puts me in a mood for the holidays…my favorite time of the year! I know it may be a little early to be busting out the Christmas decor, but when it comes to crafting, I like to be a little ahead of the game. Let’s be real, I think we all know that once Thanksgiving rolls by, December becomes one hectic month of holiday cheer.

Saturday afternoon Megan and I crafted some yarn wreaths. I decided to wrap my entire wreath form in a warm, grey yarn (which took me forever, like 2 hours!), then I glued some pom-poms on there all haphazardly and hated it. I loved the pom-poms, but they just weren’t coming together on the wreath. So, I cut off the poms and the glued yarn, re-wrapped the bald spots, and made these amazing fringe flowers (as seen on Studio Calico via Pinterest). For the flowers I used some of my scrapbook paper stockpile and hot glue instead of a tape-style adhesive. I only did this, because I didn’t want to go to the craft store just for fancy adhesive and, I always have hot glue. I wouldn’t suggest using the hot glue unless you have asbestos-coated-finger-tips like I do, or if you treasure your one-of-a-kind fingerprints…there will be some burn-age and maybe a little cursing. I also don’t have fancy fringe scissors, so I just used the regular kind and snip-snipped the paper strips. After the paper flowers were made, I played around with the placement of some small doilies with the paper flowers clustered on top before hot glueing everything on. I’m actually really pleased with how it came out and kind of want to hang it up right now!


wreath form (I purchased an 18in form made of particle board from Michael’s. These are way cheaper than the styrofoam ones and also more sturdy.)

yarn, in a color of your choice

scrapbook paper, cut into strips in varying widths

adhesive (or hot glue if you’re brave!)

small paper doilies

scissors (plain or fringe-cutting)


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    Love it! It turned out super pretty. I’m going to bunt it up tonight on mine! And I agree, this weekend was just how weekends should be.

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    I am super impressed with your wreath, Cindy! Love the color, love the fringe, love it all. I was just thinking to myself that you and Megan should post your craftiness and you telepathically got my message. Thanks for listening to my thoughts :) Breakfast was SO fun!

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    Hey Cindy! It’s been a while – been away from the blogsphere for a bit. Just catching up now on all the posts I’ve missed on your fabulous blog…and getting inspiration and ideas for Christmas presents – i.e. cookies! :-)

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