A Photo A Day: Week 10

Week 10! Last week was crazy-ness and disarray around here…painting is finally done everything is back in it’s place…so, look forward to recipes and tasty-ness once again.

 3.4.2012: Pancakes! I used to hate them, now not so much. Yay!

 3.5.2012: chickpea salad–simple vinagarette, roasted sweet peppers, cucumber, red onion, goat cheese.

 3.6.2012: beaded flats, sunny day, mossy sidewalk.

 3.7.2012: I used this recipe, subbing peppermint castille soap for unscented. Super easy and smells nice too! I painted an old/clean spray bottle with some chalkboard paint and taped on a frame with washi tape.

 3.8.2012: this girl cashed in on her upgrade…finally!

 3.9.2012: strawberry/banana/greek yogurt smoothie and a pink straw for good measure.

 3.10.2012: IKEA trip! strapping our new bed to the roof.


  1. says

    what a great week in photos! pancakes and i have an odd relationship, every few years i go on a jag and eat them until i hate them again, and then repeat!

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