Summer of Ice Pops

Instead of doing a Link List every Wedsnesday, I think I’m going to mix it up and throw you guys something different. It may be a list of links, recipe round-up, or whatever other randomness I might feel like sharing.

The thing is…I don’t always find interesting links each week–like this one, which is AMAZING by the way. I made Sean watch it and told him it was the dance of my people. Gangnam Style!

So, with summer coming to its official close in just 2 short days, I wanted to reflect on my cool and icy treat of this summer, the ever fave Ice Pop.

Watermelon-Mint Tequila Ice Pops: Boozey, fruity, watermelon goodness.

Creamy Coconut Ice Pops: Just 3 simple ingredients.

Raspberry Lemonade Ice Pops: Bright, tart, and shockingly pink.

Sour Cherry + Vanilla Frozen Yogurt Pops: Cherries and cream deliciousness.

Lime-Basil Gin Ice Pops: Herbal, citrusy, and boozey.

Black Tea Plum Ice Pops: Roasted plums, bittersweet black tea.

If you’re into frozen treats year-round, don’t fret, so am I…there will definitely be more cool goodness with the flavors of the upcoming seasons, so look out!




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