Lovely Lady Picnic!

So, this weekend my good fren Megan and I hosted a little picnic. It was a girly-dream…we wanted pink cocktails, feminine + bright decorations, and of course, great food and drink! We kept the guest list small — I always prefer an intimate party over a large, raucous fest. There was lots of girl talk, wedding horror stories, Mad Men theorizing (wtf? Bob Benson?!), drinks, food, and cake galore!

We decorated Megan’s backyard with some tissue fleurs she saved from a photo shoot (so pretty, right?!), her fun chalkboard, and her fantastic Mint Majesty (I believe it’s a Behr paint color) picnic table. You should know that Megan keeps a stash of hand-made party decorations strung up in her spare room. She knows what’s up! Elliot was on guard, making sure no ruffians crashed our party.

On the menu was a cheese plate that we’ve been dreaming of for months — we wanted to make the cheese look like cake and I think we succeeded! The gorgonzola with honey and walnuts was a total hit — I’m glad I didn’t steer us wrong with that one! There was also a Strawberry Caprese Bruscetta, Arugula Salad with Strawberries + Almonds + Pistachio Rolled Goat Cheese, Herbed Potato Salad, and a Herb Garlic Pork Tenderloin with Peach-Jalapeno Salsa. I kind of winged the pork tenderloin and salsa, but it came out so good! We maybe had a secret double-high five moment when we were refreshing everyone’s drinks. Speaking of drinks we had super refreshing cucumber water, Megan made a quick blackberry puree for the bottom of our champagne glasses, and my favorite Rose Lemonade with vodka, extra raspberries and some vanilla bean for good measure. There was also a Vanilla Buttermilk layer cake with Chocolate Chip Whipped Cream and Berries…but, I didn’t get a picture! It totally got devoured.

All in all it was a total hit and a really fun time. I’m so glad Jessica, Nicole, and Kathy could make it…because we all know the decor, food, and drinks are just half of it, the guests really make it a party! I can’t wait to plan the next one!! The only thing I wish was different was for all of our internet friends (YOU!) to live closer, so you could come too!

Check out Megan’s blog for more pictures!


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    Cindy! The party was the best and made all of my girly party dreams come true. Thanks so much for inviting me! That pork is like magazine cover pretty, Cindy and I could eat it every day. I could not get enough of that lemonade and you better believe I’ll be making it this summer! And your pretty cake! Everything was so excellent! What the what, Bob Benson! I hope you told Sean we enjoyed his music mix :)

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    This is absolutely the coolest picnic ever. From now on, I will never ever serve cheese that doesn’t look like cake. I love the photos and kiiind of wish I were your neighbor!

    And what is the consensus on Bob Benson?! I kind of hope he does something terrible to make Pete’s life come crashing down even more than it already has. But he better leave Joan alone!

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      oh, Bob confuses us, but we definitely want him to leave Joan alone!

      and thank you! if we were neighbs, you’d totes be invited!

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    Oh my gosh- SO PRETTY!!! Megan sent me pictures as you were decorating and I was so jealous- I wanted to be there!! You girls are so creative and have fabulous taste :)


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