Blueberry Lime Frozen Yogurt Pops

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Can’t stop, won’t stop with the popsicles, guys. It’s summah! I have to.

Also, in the summer…I have to ride my bike. It’s so fun! and it’s one of the 3 forms of exercise that I don’t completely abhor (…walking and swimming are the other two, in case you wanted to know).

The thing is, I’m a super-nerd about wearing a helmet…safety first, y’all. I mean we’re all just one errant pebble or careless driver away from spilling our brains all over the pavement and I am just so not into that. I like my grey matter trapped tightly in my skull. Call me picky, I guess. Anyway, my helmet is a little too small for me…like I feel like I’m being choked and maybe it’s the kind that makes me have an oddly shaped, alien noggin. It’s a “universal size” lady helmet and I guess my head is just not within the universal scope. I mean, can’t a girl with a watermelon for a head ride with a teensy bit more comfort and style?

So, yesterday, I busted out the tape measurer and went on an internet quest to find a helmet that is large enough to fit my massive dome and I think I found the one! It’s cute-ish and will hopefully keep my coconut un-cracked and my anxiety levels at a minimum throughout the summer.

HOORAY, for bike safety!

Enough brains-on-the-pavement imagery and more popsicle talk!

These pops combine bright blueberries with creamy yogurt and zesty lime. I use maple syrup to sweeten these because I have a thing for maple + blueberries and I think it’s super good on yogurt too. You could totally use another sugar if you prefer. This recipe is super easy, even though we are turning on the stovetop for a bit. The berries are simmered in the maple until their deep purple color bleeds into the syrup, then lime juice and zest are stirred in. The yogurt portion comes together with some more maple syrup, lime zest and juice, plus some quick whisking. Then everyone is layered into the molds, all willy-nilly, for a swirled effect. I love, love these pops not only because they are gems to look at, but also because they are so fruity, creamy, sweet, and tangy. They manage to be both refreshing from the bright fruit and citrus, while feeling creamy and decadent from the yogurt.

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Blueberry Lime Frozen Yogurt Pops

I use (and love) this ice pop mold. This recipe makes enough to fill all 10 pop molds. Depending on your set of molds, you may have more of less (freeze any extra into ice cube trays and blitz into a smoothie). Depending on the sweetness of your berries and personal preference you can reduce the maple syrup to 1/2 cup, total. 

1 pint blueberries, rinsed and dried

2/3 cup maple syrup, divided

1 1/2 cups greek yogurt

zest and juice of two small limes, divided

In a saucepan combine 1/3  cup of the maple syrup with the blueberries. Heat over high and bring to a boil. Turn down to a simmer and cook 1-2 minutes, until the berries release their juices and become soft, but do not all burst and become mushy, stir in the zest and juice of one of the limes. Remove from the heat and set aside to cool a bit.

In a bowl whisk together the yogurt, the remaining 1/3 cup of maple syrup and zest + juice of the remaining lime.

Spoon some of the blueberry mixture into each mold, followed by yogurt — there’s no real method to this, btw…but don’t fret, it will be pretty, and more importantly, delicious regardless of how you layer it up — until all of the molds are filled. Since the yogurt is thick enough, you can insert the sticks now, as they will stay in place. Freeze until solid, at least 4 hours.

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  1. Holy stickin yes!!! These are so cute and the colors are just awesome. I feel like I am saying this everyday, but I need a popsicle mold!!
    These look so good Cindy!

  2. I’m with Tieghan. I need this ice pop mold in my life so I can have giant pops forever.

    And I totally love your helmet choice girrl!

  3. Can’t stop, won’t stop, don’t stop.. Love all your pop recipes yo.. and I so need these molds..oh and guess who can’t ride a bike.True story.

  4. I just love a good blueberry swirl! The lime addition with the yogurt and maple syrup sounds right up my alley. You are the popsicle queen!

    • This is why I’m in love with Ben/jerry’s blueberry lemon/greek yogurt ice cream! Called Liz Lemon .. great combination

  5. Yeah Yeah Yeah!! I just got my grown up popsicle mold in the mail yesterday and used it immediately. These are definitely going to be happening real soon. Froyo popz 4 lyfe!!

  6. Ya killin me with all your summahtime-talk. Here in the southern hemisphere it is a grey winters day. I want a Popsicle now damn you!

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  8. Ok, that does it – I’m ordering a dang pop mold right now!!

    These are sooo pretty and I’m always drooling over your popsicle recipes… now I’m finally gonna be able to make some! *happy dance*

  9. YUM! That’s pretty much all that needs to be said! I wish it was nice and warm over here so that I’d feel like eating popsicles. I’m keeping this recipe for Summer! P.S your popsicle mold is gorgeous. Where’d you get it from? xx

  10. Is it safe to eat these while biking? No? What if I am wearing a helmet… and maybe throw in a fancy pair of shin guards? Still no? Wrist pads? Can we design a helmet that holds a popsicle? So many questions. Maybe I should just chill on the multitasking. ;)

  11. These look so great and have all my favorite flavors. I can’t wait to make them! BUT, I can’t find molds like yours. Do you remember where you got them? Thank!

  12. Yahooo..unable to click to get recipe on Pinterest but thankfully Lindsey sent me the direct link! Yeah Lindsey and Yeah you for the recipe. Really sounds yummyyum!Thank you….~ Holly :o)

  13. I was a little skeptical when it said lime…but just made them and they are delicious!

    I only got 7 instead of 10 (think my molds might be a little bigger).

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