Links for a Better Monday

First, a HUGE thanks to all of the service men and women on this Monday. You deserve a ton of credit and your work is appreciated.

Next, let’s talk links!

Princess Tofu is a new-to-me blog and it is just lovely. This Pumpkin and Chive Spaetzle with Sherried Chanterelles looks both gorgeous and delicious.

Nicole describes this Pan-Roasted Cauliflower as tasting like a less-carby stuffing. Um, yes please.

This Portuguese Chicken and Potatoes from Feasting at Home looks like the perfect chicken dinner. Those crispy potato bits speak to me.

These Sticky Baked Chicken Wings with Sweet and Spicy Pomegranate Glaze are just too much. I want a dozen.

There’s not much to say about this, I mean…Baked Chocolate Donuts with Chocolate Glaze? Come on.

These Oolong Donuts with Milk Tea Glaze are just crazy-lovely…plus, oolong is my favorite tea.

Izzy is back and she made Maple, Vanilla, Flax Roasted Almonds and Pecans…I am loving the addition of flax here! Also, she’s gotten some well-deserved press lately. Get.It.Girl.

Megan put pie on a stick and this is why we are friends.

My grandma always had a tin of Danish Butter Cookies around and these homemade ones look perfect.

Sarah has some wise words on the art of making macarons…just make ’em! They’re delicious even when they aren’t perfect.

Robyn Lawley is a gorgeous, unicorn of a woman with a wonderful message. Her encouragement to embrace our bodies is a message we hear far too little. I just love her…plus, she has a tumblr dedicated to her love of FOOD.

Also, on the same note…see Jennifer Lawrence. I just love her more and more.

I’ve never watched Master Chef before but the Junior competition has blown me away! Those kids got skills, yo. This interview with the youngest competitor’s mother is great.

I loved this interview with Roy Choi and the fact that he refers to his mother as having “…that maternal gangsta spirit.” Having an immigrant mother, I appreciate this.

These colorized black and white images are just awesome.

I’m kind of obsessed with glass railings and dividers. I know, I know…the fingerprints would be horrendous…but, I mean…so pretty!

I love this closet set-up, that little vanity area is a treasure.

Links for a Better Monday

That mani up there may go on record as my favorite I’ve done ever. I left the base completely naked and used some washi tape triangles I cut out as a stencil. Then I painted on a few coats of Julep’s Coco over the top and a layer of shiny top coat.  I love a cream polish and I always love a deep oxblood throughout the cooler months–it’s my favorite nail color of the season, hands down (pun always intended)!

Anyway, let’s talk food links! Erika made these Smoked Gouda and Chive Buttermilk Biscuits and I have been thinking biscuits ever since…not that it takes me much to think about biscuits. I loooove em.

These Skillet Baked Pulled Pork and Broccoli Rabe Stuffed Shells look like a platter of saucy, carb comfort…I mean, there’s pulled pork in there!

I’m thinking of making this Sausage and Pear Stuffing for Thanksgiving and adding caramelized fennel b/c I am obsessed with it…which will just be for Sean and me. We plan on seeing Catching Fire that day so we have something to do and not feel like total disconnected loners and we will need to eat before…cause movie theater popcorn does not equal Thanksgiving.

Since we probably won’t only be eating stuffing for Thanksgiving, I am on the hunt for recipes that taste of the usual spread but don’t require me to aquire and roast a whole turkey-bird. These Turkey Spinach and Feta Meatballs with Cranberry Greek Yogurt Sauce from Okie Dokie Artichokie are looking kind of perfect.

These Brussels Sprouts Latkes from Molly are just singing my song…I live for crispy edged brussels and I just know these have to deliver all kinds of goodness.

I, admittedly, kinda sorta loathe matcha…but these Chocolate Matcha Fondants from Sarah are just too pretty too resist. I may have to revisit the whole matcha sitch.

These Chocolate Cream Pie Brownies from Handle the Heat basically made my brain explode. I just can’t even deal.

I love most versions of Chicken Tortilla Soup and this one from Brittany is lookin’ real good.

I can’t say I’ve ever had SPAM but these Totoro Musibi are just so stankin’ cute! We love Totoro in this house, so I just couldn’t resist sharing.

This little piece about What Your Favorite Apple Says About You is pretty funny…I mean, it’s pretty spot on with the Red Delicious assesment…who are these people?! I, personally, love Honeycrisps (I’ve seriously eaten my weight in them this season), so maybe that’s why I like it.

I have a lust to have a home with some sort of library situation someday…a girl’s gotta dream…and this landing library is just so perfect.

Speaking of libraries, this former public library turned home is just so rad I can’t even handle it. I mean, the library ladder in the kitchen, the cabinets, the dining area lighting, the beams, and that desk chair. UGH.

I am also obsessed with cozy nooks for sleeping in and this one includes one of my other sleep-obsessions, a wall-to-wall bed. Also, it’s right up next to that window which I imagine would make it a little chilly and I love a slightly chilly sleeping situation so I can just shroud myself in a nest of blankets and pillows. DREAMY!


Links for a Better Monday

I want to smash this Monster Spicy Brittle Candy Bar with a hammer and shove it in my face.

I think these Spanikopita Cups from Joanna aka Jojotastic for Ziplock would be a great addition to our holiday snack spread.

Not only did Megan turn banana bread into a yeast bread…she added peanut butter. Smart cookie.

These triple layer Cookie + Cookie Dough Peanut Butter Cups from Teighan look like sweet, sweet danger.

Tracy made Pumpkin Pecan Ice Cream Sandwiches that look killer…and I love that they’re chunky squares.

Neil Patrick Harris and Fam are just TOO CUTE TOO HANDLE! GAH!

The 10 Types of People You Find In Every Gym gave me a solid laugh. Super Jazzy Elderly Person!

The 50 Most 90’s Things That Have Ever Happened…all you need to know is N’Sync wearing Lisa Frank…also, all the overalls.

I took this quizmy BFF and I are apparently Oprah and Gayle. I’ll take it!

Oh, goats…you so crazy.

Also, I made these Shortcut Baked Burrito Boats for Betty Crocker and Sean was obsessed with them.