3 Pink Polishes for Valentine’s Day

I’m not ashamed to say that I love the color pink…a lot.*

Truthfully though, I pretty much love some shade of all the colors of the rainbow. There are so many great hues out there, and my favorites are constantly shifting. BUT! it’s almost Cupid’s Birthday and there really isn’t another time of the year when pink is more appropriate…plus, you can mix it with red, which is always a winning combo with me. Below are just 3 of my favorite pink polishes. These have been in heavy rotation the last few weeks and I know I love ’em because I keep putting them back on and just staaaaring at my nails. Keep reading for where to find them and why I love them.

This color makes me think of cherry-cream soda-fountain drinks and sweet, sweet love. It’s a bright, medium pink cream that is more on the red side. I love this color and turn to it all year, but I especially love to sport it during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s day. I also like the brush and the formula is pretty nice and doesn’t streak as much as a lot of cream polishes. {Venique-Brighten Your Day! (3 coats) the link has the worst photo ever and doesn’t do the color justice, fair warning}.

Oh, this color, it really does make me crazy. I’ve had it for a few years and bought it as a summer color, but have never managed to actually wear it before now. It’s a really shimmery, purple-pink magenta that kind of comes across malibu-barbie-esque most of the year. BUT! recently, I’ve been loving it. It totally fulfills all of my girly, valentine’s days demands of bright jewel tones and glitter and shimmer, PLUS it brings a nice spot of excitement and boldness in the late winter months. {ESSIE-Jamaica Me Crazy (2 coats),  I love it paired with the ESSIE color Splash of Grenadine

This fruit-punchy pink cream is another all-year fave. It was actually a gift from my good friend and fellow pink-polish aficionado, Megan. It’s a favorite for sandal-clad toes in the summer, but makes equal sense for Valentine’s Day. This color is super bright and super pink. It screams it and I love it…even if the AA bottles are awkward and the brush kind of sucks, the formula is nice and some even claim it’s a one-coater, but I always do 3 coats with creams to achieve maximum opacity. This color looks even better, almost juicy, with a super shiny, quality top coat (I like Seche Vite or Out the Door). {American Apparel-Angeline (3 coats)}**

*In the first photo, I am wearing AA-Angeline,  Venique-Brighten Your Day! on my ring and pointer fingers with AA-Meteor Shower on top, and Seche Vite top coat over everything.

**This is not a promotional post. All products were purchased by myself or (as noted above) friends.  All opinions above are my own and born from my crazy-nuts love of nail polish and home manicures.

Five Fall Nail Colors

Though I love the brights and pastels I reach for in the Spring and Summer, the dark and moody colors of Fall and Winter are my jam. You might notice that there aren’t any warm, bronzed, or ruddy colors here. I do wear a lot of reds this time of year (my favorite being Big Apple Red by OPI), but I wanted to show you guys some of the other colors I wear on the regular during this season. I also didn’t include any Essie colors, though I am a fan, since I haven’t added many Fall/Winter colors to my hoard. I should note that none of these colors come from any 2012 nail color collections, these are just a select few of tried and true colors I love for these cooler months.

Anyway, about the polishes!

Left to right: Raven-Zoya, Russian Navy-OPI, Casey-Zoya, Deep Sea-M.A.C., Dree-Zoya

Raven is a slightly shimmery black. It’s not quite inky, due to the very subtle, silvery shimmer. I love this color worn alone, or layered with a gold glitter like INM Northern Lights Gold Holo Topcoat–which, together, looks like starry night skies. I like to do 3 thin coats of this color. This is, incidentally, what I have on my nails currently. I think it’s perfect for October and Halloween.

Russian Navy is a shimmery, deep navy with a purple iridescence. The color comes across more purple in the bottle and is quite navy on the nail. In my opinion OPI has the best brush and I like their formula as well. This color is opaque with two coats. It also comes in matte (which I have seen all over Pinterest) and as a gel color as well. I almost always wear this color alone with a shiny topcoat  (I like Seche Vite and Out the Door), sometimes I make it matte it with Essie’s Matte About You. Mattifying does subdue the purple tones. I could get lost in this color, it is so pretty and interesting.

Casey is one of my favorite colors of all time. It reminds me a bit of Lincoln Park After Dark and After Midnight. It’s a deep purple-red that appears nearly black (Sean says it’s just black, but he don’t know nothin’ about nails). You could call it vampy, I would call it witchy. It’s a little creamy and a little jelly. I like to do 3 thin coats of this color for ultimate opacity and I always wear it alone with a super shiny topcoat. I think that it is classic and classy while being a touch edgy.

Deep Sea is a deep, moody, green-toned teal. It has a cream finish and I love this color. It enchants me. That may be a little heavy, calling it enchanting, but I couldn’t leave the store without it. It was one of those things–I went in for foundation and left with this color. I had to have it. It reminds me of bottomless seas, wintry lakes, sea monsters, and deep woods. This color covers well enough with 2 coats, but I like to do 3. Even though I don’t always think cream finishes have the most interest (though I LOVE them), this one is interesting and even dynamic. The color sometimes comes across more teal and other times more of a dark forest color. It always looks great with a super shiny topcoat.

Dree is by and large the lightest color here. It’s an olive-y, yellow toned, army green–think camo without the mottling. I love this color because it reminds me of mossy forest floors. It has a cream finish and I like to do 3 coats for opacity. The color comes across more green/grey on the nail and more green/yellow in the bottle. I love this paired with all sorts of metallics–gold, bronze, and silvers.

**As always, all opinions are mine. I was not paid to promote these products, I just share them because I love them and I love you!