End Radio Silence

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Hey, guys! I’ve totally missed you and this space and honestly, I have nothing for you today except the above picture of our New Year’s  pancake breakfast. They’re mini lemony, ricotta pancakes from Adrianna’s book and they are oh-so-delicious.

It’s been a crazy few weeks of travel, organizing and packing up all our schtuff, and of course…catching that requisite post-holiday, air-travel-aquirred, cold bug. But, just so you know, as I sit here sniffling and checking things off my long to-do moving list, I am thinking of you and plan to have a few things for you in the coming weeks. Recipes will be scarce, as I am packing up my kitchen and sending it off in one of those container-pod guys early next week, but I have a 2013 recipe recap planned, as well as some long over-do link loves to share with you all! So, cheers and happiest 2014 to you all!

Wednesday Links

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Vintage Cookery Tips–the fish and broken yolk ones are intriguing!

Why You Shouldn’t use the Self Cleaning function on your oven. Do you use this? I never have, I just scrub, scrub with baking soda and vinegar–oven cleaner if I must. I’m scared of it…and now I guess I can feel okay about it!

LOVE, love, LOVE this Geo Lantern DIY.

Yowayowa Camera Woman Diary is an ever-fave. The most recent levitation is scary!

Beach House dreamz…mostly, I want that outdoor clawfoot tub/shower!

Wednesday Links

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Awkward Recognize Awkward. I know all about the Nerd Chills and what it is to be truly, painfully, debilitatingly awkward, too. It’s not always a joke (sometimes it is…let’s be real), but we’re in it together…right?

This shower curtain is basically a nightmare. A horrible, recurring, mass produced nightmare.

Even though I am already married and I never want to plan another wedding for myself…I am absolutely smitten with these witchy & bewitching wedding ideas.

This Raspberry Sorbet + Ginger Beer Float and this Roasted Provolone are both so deliciously gorgeous in different ways.  I need more fancy floats and skillets of melted cheese in my life…obvi.

If I were to win a gold medal, this is the one I’d win.