Favorite Cookies Round-Up!

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Guys! It’s the most wonderful time of the year…COOKIE SEASON! Today, I’m sharing some of my faves from the archives because sometimes we need a little inspiration.

And, really, what could be better than cookie-inspiration? Not much, I say.

Oatmeal Cherry Chocolate Chip Cookies: My mom, an avid non-baker, made these cookies for a cookie party this year and won BEST COOKIE. So, basically, they are awesome. Chewy Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies: These combine two of my favorite things–chewy ginger cookies and chocolate chip, then I rolled them in crunchy pearl sugar. Chewy Chocolate Ginger Spice Cookies: These are super similar to the cookies I just mentioned, but there’s cocoa in the actual dough. I am just smitten with the chocolate-ginger combo, obvs.

Malted Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Icing: These cookies turned Sean from a pumkin-treats-hater to lover. They are basically magic. Iced Eggnog Cookies: These cookies are super soft, cake-like, and full of eggnog flavor. Whole Wheat Chocolate Chip Cookies: These cookies are a staple in our house…I make them the most.

Chocolate Pecan Cookies with Sea Salt: These pecan-studded cookies are rich and deeply chocolate-y. So much to love. Peanut Butter Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies: Salty, Sweet, Chocolate-y, Peanut Butter Goodness. There isn’t much to say here. Peanut Butter Ninjas: The peanut butter in these cookies is stealthily hidden beneath the chocolate dough.

Alfajores: Buttery cookie + Dulce de Leche…I mean… Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars: Everyones fave, in bar form. Chocolate Mint Creme Sandwiches: These cookies are like little cookie-brownies sandwiched with the best creamy, minty goodness. Also, cute.

Smoked Salt and Almond Shortbread Stars: I love almonds, smoked salt, and butter…these cookies have it all. Citrus Gingerbread Trees: A little, citrus twist on classic gingerbread. Get your royal icing on! Pistachio + Apricot Jam Thumbprints: A classic, but with pistachios and apricot. Graham Crackers: So simple, yet so satisfying.

12 Recipes from 2012

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Happy New Year, guys!

2012 is swiftly coming to it’s close and it was definitely full of good times and lots of cooking. These are just 12 personal favorite recipes from 2012.

Cheers! and wishes for all the best in 2013!!!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars - just perfect // Chocolate Mendiants – felt like a chocolate tempering boss // Espresso + Toasted Almond Semifreddo - kind of like my childhood fave, but better // Hazelnut Pound Cake - pound cake perfection, realized // Butterscotch Fudge Ripple w. Hazelnuts - one of my favorite ice creams…ever // Corn Dog Pops - an old favorite, easier to eat and cute, too // Rose Lemonade - spiked or not, I’m enamored with the floral sweet-tartness // Raspberry Lemonade Ice Pops - tart, berry lemonade, but frozen and the best pink ever // Chicken Tortilla Soup with Charred Corn and Chiles – so dang good and satisfying // Roasted Pepper Cheese Dip - a velveeta-free revelation // Pint-Size Chicken and Waffles – a mini fave, easier to manage…especially great with tabasco honey // Updated Green Bean Casserole - all the things you’d expect, but better.

Fall Into It: Favorite Fall Recipes

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I know I’ve been beating you all over the head with the, “OMGeeez!! I luuuuuv fall-time guys! Leaves and pumpkins and sweaters and boots and cider! WHEEE!”

I mean, good gourd, I just want to spread the love of my favorite season of all the seasons, in all the lands. I busted out my Halloween and Autumnal themed decor from a year of deep storage. Right this very second, a Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle is ablaze.  I’m about to be neck deep in decorative pumpkins… M-F-ing gourds better watch out, too (speaking of gourds, THIS).

Since I can’t really glitter bomb you all in black and gold and orange (watch out pumpkins & gourds!), the second best way to spread my seasonal love is with food, so, I’ve gathered my favorite recipes from this blog, PLUS recipes from around the web I’ve been eyeing/drooling over.

1. Not to give myself too may props, but, these Herbed Turkey Burgers with Goat Cheese and Cranberry Sauce are the business. They are like fancy Thanksgiving, but a burger so, also, kind of casual.

2. I adapted these Pear Cranberry Muffins from a Shutterbean recipe and they were a major hit with Sean, his gang of brothers, and my father-in-law.

3. Those little Banana Cream Pies might look super classic, but there happens to be browned butter tucked into the pudding that sends them over the top. The caramel sauce doesn’t hurt either. These are hands-down, one of the best things I have ever made.

4. Not only are these super soft Malted Pumpkin Cookies with Brown Butter Frosting delightful, they made a believer out of my former pumpkin-hating husband…FTW!

5. What can I say about these Chewy Ginger Chocolate Chip Cookies that will convince you to make them ASAP? They are chewy and crunchy, deeply spiced with bits of dark chocolate throughout. I love these cookies and dream of them often.

6. I lovingly transported these Alfajores through the skies to NYC last fall while visiting a friend. A pilot kept eyeing them in the terminal and eventually asked me about them! I didn’t have any to spare–they were a gift, man! But, I took it as a good sign (note to self, airline staff appreciate cookies too). They are super rich and super delicious.

7. This Pumpkin Semifreddo is a textural dream–rich, yet feather-light, cool, crunchy, gooey–it has it all. Plus, it’s a total beauty queen.

As you know, there’s about a billion drool-worthy recipes cropping up every-single-day on the internets. These are just a few that I’ve been eyeing the last few weeks.

Nutella Pumpkin Donut Muffins by Reclaiming Provincial…there isn’t a thing I don’t like about that. Carey even used her own Homemade Nutella. Whoa, girl!

I swoon for a fancy layer cake and this Pumpkin Cake + Ganache + Salted Caramel Cream Cheese Frosting from Use Real Butter sounds like decadant, fall-time heaven.

Spiced Pear, Gorgonzola, and Toasted Walnut Pie in Buttermilk-Leaf Lard Crust by Local Milk, is quite the mouthful, but I bet it’s a delicious one.

Tracy’s Baked Pumpkin Pecan Doughnuts and Megan’s Mini Version with caramel, have been haunting me for days! I need to get with the party!

I love a funnel cake at the fair and these Bite-Size Pumpkin Funnel Cake Crispies by Dine and Dish, evoke hay rides, fresh cider, and all things good about fall.

There’s nothing inherently autumnal about Horchata, but I LOVE it with all of it’s cool rice and spice flavored goodness. This Horchata Smoothie by Notations of a Novice Cook sounds like perfection to me.

I think fall is the perfect bonfire season and any bonfire isn’t worth it if there isn’t marshmallow toasting involved. These Speculoos-Nutella-Candied Bacon S’more’s by Diane A Broad sound amazing PLUS…candied bacon!!

What are YOU all excited about baking/making/eating this fall? or, for you Southern Hemisphere-ians, this spring?!