Five Links

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1. Even though it’s been an oddly warm week here in the Mitten, I’m dreaming of braised things like this stew from Katie At The Kitchen Door (points for the cutest blog name, too).

2. Megan made this Garlic Rosemary Bread. I would totes sleep on that pillow of yeasted, herby, garlic goodness.

3. This Lemon Cake with Cranberries + Lemon Icing just has me fast-forwarding through fall and straight into a winter wonderland. I’m a sucker for the holidays and I am smitten with the festive styling from Cooking Mélangery.

4. Now that I am growing my hair out, barrettes are blipping their way back onto my radar. I am IN LOVE with this crystal barrette DIY from P.S. I made this…

5. Lastly, Is Pinterest Killing Blogs (from Decor8)? I, personally, love Pinterest and don’t think it is (where would we pin from without blogs?!), but I am interested to know what other people think.

Wednesday Links

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Oh, hey! I have a ton of delicious things planned for the next few weeks…including more ice pops (I’m obsessed, okay?). For now, here are the links that turned my head the last week.

Sean likes math, I like words…this tapped into my inner nerd. Common words explained with math. 

This post, Blueberry Bruisers: In Support of Pride Everywhere by I Heart Big Flavor, is good stuff with a solid message.

This article, Julia Child’s Recipe for a Thoroughly Modern Marriage, had me smiling and tearing up. It had me appreciating my thoroughly modern marriage just that much more.

These 3 Yelp reviews read by actors, holy heck, this had me LOL-ing for reals. “My meal was delectable, exotic, and incinerated everything in my intestines.”

There are a few web-comics that I read on the regular…for like, years now…nerd alert. Books of Adam is a fave and this one has a message that I think we can all pretty much relate to. Real life stuff, hilariously illustrated.




Wednesday Link List

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First thing, sweet mama Naomi just welcomed her third babe into the world! Naomi takes the prettiest, dreamiest, real-life images and I was honored when she asked me to do a post for her a few weeks ago. I made little berry topped cakes (pictured above), the recipe is up on her blog Of Anselm.

These birthday hat fascinators are so dang cute! They would be such a fun DIY for any celebration.

Tracy just posted them this morning, but dang! I could definitely go for one of these boozy Pina Colada pops anytime.

I saw this on Facebook when Shauna posted it and then again when Tracy did, it’s just too good. There are a lot of rude people out there on the internets, and haters, they gonna hate…this girl owns it.

I’m obsessed with lots of things all the time.

Lately, I’m loving this herringbone mani.

I am addicted to design shows and The Kitchen Cousins are killing me with every episode…like the one where they installed PINK QUARTZ counters AND Heath Ceramic tiles. It’s just too good. And, really, they’re always so excited and that’s just adorable.

These photos, a tribute to her late mother, by photographer Kirsty Mitchell are just so stunningly whimsical. So much work and thought, they are like Wonderland for reals.