Blackberry Ginger Smash

Are you watching Orange is the New Black? If you are like me, then you burned through 13 episodes of this Netflix series as fast as you could…cause it’s pull-your-hair-out amazeballs. I mean, who else freaking wants to punch that confused, old man, Healy in the m-fing face?! He literally makes me shudder with rage and shriek at the TV and want to peel my own face off…or have a drink. He, and many other characters on that show…mostly the overly righteous, morally corrupt, prison officials and that crazy-B, Pennsyltucky. Dudes (and ladies) got no business judging, as most of them are more corrupt than a lot of the prison population they’re responsible for.  Don’t even get me started on Pornstache…this show makes my already swear-y nature even more pronounced…if you couldn’t tell. I should just calm down and opt for the drink thing, since being faceless sounds like a lot less of a fun time.

Aaaand, that’s my segue for this Blackberry Ginger Smash. Smooth…So, let’s discuss this cocktail! I did some quick internet sleuthing and found that a smash is a cocktail made by muddling mint with sugar, sometimes fruit, then you add booze and soda. I like dat.

So, I made this Blackberry Ginger Smash with juicy blackberries, spicy ginger syrup, fresh mint, bracing gin, a squeeze of bright lime, and some bubbly soda water. I added a Candied-Ginger-Mint Sugar for rimming the glass, for good measure. Maybe it’s just me, but often I find blackberries at the store to be a little tough, dry, and flavorless…this time, I found super juicy blackberries. The type whose tender skins yield at the gentlest touch, the kind I used to pick off the wild brambles every childhood summer in the Sierra Foothills. They were perfect gems and I was so excited to smash them into this drink. Oh! And to muddle, without a muddler, I used my friend Megan’s tip to use a honey dipper. That gal, she’s a smart cookie. So, if you can find the best blackberries you can and don’t know what to do with them…this drink is a good place to start…plus, it’s an excellent alternative to TV-shrieking/face-peeling.


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Blackberry Ginger Smash

This is a really informal recipe, adjust the quantities to taste…even eliminate the gin for a refreshing soda. I like to layer this drink so there’s an ombre sitch happening. I find adding the ice after muddling but before adding the lime, gin, and soda, helps with this effect.

Makes 1 drink

4-6 juicy blackberries

3 big mint leaves

1/2 ounce ginger syrup

ice cubes

1 lime wedge

1 ounce gin

soda water

Candied-Ginger-Mint Sugar plus a lime wedge for garnish.

Place the Candied-Ginger-Mint Sugar on a plate. Take a wedge of lime and rub it along the edge of your cocktail glass, dip the glass into the sugar to coat the rim.

Place the blackberries, mint, and ginger syrup in the bottom of a rocks glass. Smash/muddle until the mint is bruised and the blackberries are squished. Add the ice cubes, followed by a squeeze of lime,  gin, and top of with soda water.

Ginger Syrup:

Make quick work of chopping the ginger by using a mini food processor…otherwise, get friendly with your knife.

1 cup sugar

1/4 cup chopped, fresh ginger root

1/2 cup water

In a saucepan combine all of the ingredients and heat to dissolve the sugar, bring to a boil, boil 1 minute. Remove from heat and pour into a heatproof jar, cool to room temperature, seal with a lid or cover with plastic wrap, and store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Candied Ginger Mint Sugar:

2 tablespoons chopped, candied ginger

1 tablespoon fresh mint

2 tablespoons sugar

In a mini food processor, combine all ingredients and pulse! The end. [/recipe]


  1. says

    I’m so glad you’re totally IN where Orange is the New Black is concerned. I miss that season already.

    AND this drink looks awesome. I want to chug 3 while watching season 2. Healy can suck it.

    • says

      He CAN suck it…I definitely said something similar, yet FAR more explicit along those lines at the end of the final episode. AH!

  2. says

    Omg, so yummy! I hate Healy and kind of want to be friends with Crazy Eyes…but at a safe distant! Loving the colours of your drink…and the glass?? So cool!

  3. says

    I clearly need to get on that show… But not as much as I need to get on with this drink..This is a summer perfect cocktail. fo sho

  4. says

    ACK! Orange is the New Black totes requires a drink. I have a serious need to punch Pornstache in the face, and then I feel all conflicted because the actor who plays him is kinda hot (minus the ‘stache) and it’s SO CONFUSING! This drink might be just the ticket. Thanks for sharing!

  5. says

    I am SO behind in TV shows I don’t even know what Orange is the New Black is. ahhh! That said, I’m totally getting into cocktail making (thanks to a new cocktail shaker and glasses purchased on a whim). This looks so, so good.

    • says

      my addiction to TV is embarassing! and, if you can believe it…I don’t even have a cocktail shaker. This needs to be remedied. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with your new goods, Kasey!!

  6. says

    Apparently I’m one of the few people that hasn’t watched this show! I must fix this asap!

    Anyhow, the photos are beautiful! It makes me wish I was drinking one right now instead of being at work (and reading blogs) lol!

  7. Maria | Pink Patisserie says

    New to your blog via Erika at Southern Souffle and I must say this is definitely something I need in my life. Beautiful. And that show? Gonna check it out pronto.

  8. says

    You summed up my entire thoughts of OITNB and I breezed through the entire season way to fast. Please don’t tell me I have to wait a year for season 2??! This sounds amazing, I love any drink involving mint. Or fruit. Or gin, for that matter… Great photos!

  9. says

    OMG, yes on Orange Is The New Black! I burned through half the season on Sunday and I can’t wait to do it again–one of these days when I have time. Confession time: I was wondering why I found Pornstache oddly cute, and then I realized that he was Dimitri on Weeds. Much better look/character for him. In fact, I really love all the Weeds connections (there are many).

    Anyway, that drink looks incredible too–so pretty! Love the mint sugar rim.

  10. says

    I just found this, although I’ve been browsing your site on & off for ages…. Blackberries? Ginger? GIN?!! I think I nearly exploded with delight!! Oooh & it’s just reminded me I’ve got an experimental bottle of blackberry gin hiding in the cupboard… time to bust that out I think!! :)

  11. jul says

    If a smash is muddled fruit with added alcohol and soda….how is a bounce…as in cherry bounce made? Hoping you would know….and by the way Orange is the New Black is great.


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