Strawberry Mint Bourbon Smash

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Maybe you’ve noticed this old blog has a new look! It’s only been a year in the making…a dear friend of mine, Abbey Bentley, did the design for me over a year ago, but it’s taken that long for Sean and I to get it implemented on this site. Between his full time job, growing and preparing for a baby, and moving across the country, it just kind of fell to the wayside.

But, now it’s finally up and running and I am super excited! The illustrations are by the talented Kate Worum  and were inspired by images from photographs I took from archived blog posts…which makes them feel even that much more special. Definitely click around, check it out, and please let me know if you run into any glitches and we will get them remedied ASAP.

Anyway, I am super excited that Hungry Girl por Vida has a fresh, new look and what better way to celebrate than a cocktail?!

Obviously, I am not partaking in cocktails for at least another month or so, but that doesn’t mean I’m not concocting them in my brain. I made this bourbon smash for Sean this weekend since he’s such a great dude by helping me keep this blog running, whilst working his full time job, and for making me laugh on pretty much a daily basis even when I’m super grouchy, uncomfortable, and can’t reach my feet anymore. Basically, I’m a lucky gal.

This cocktail includes ripe strawberries, lots of fresh mint (my fave!), a bit of St. Germaine, bourbon (duh), a few dashes of bitters, a teensy bit of sugar, and some soda water to make it bubbly. It’s refreshing, a little sweet, a bit floral, and perfect for any celebration–including the upcoming 4th of July here in the USA.

So, CHEERS! to celebrations of all sorts, good dudes, talented ladies, amazing readers (YOU!), and fancy new blog designs!

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Strawberry Mint Bourbon Smash

Makes 1 cocktail.

For pregnant people (like myself), those that don’t drink, or aren’t of age, you can easily make this into a refreshing soda by ditching the booze and adding 1/2 extra teaspoon of sugar to the mix. If you want the floral-citrus notes of elder flower that St. Germaine lends to the cocktail in your non-alcoholic version of this drink, you can use elder flower syrup (which can totally be found at Ikea!).

2 ripe strawberries, cut into pieces

4-5 fresh mint leaves

1/2 teaspoon sugar

a few dashes of aromatic bitters

1/2 ounce of St. Germaine

1 ounce bourbon


soda water

In a cocktail glass, muddle the strawberries, mint, sugar, and bitters together until the berries and mint are well smashed and fragrant. Add the St. Germaine and bourbon, followed by lots of ice and top it all off with soda water. Give it a stir and drink up!

  1. Oh my goodness! The redesign and especially the header are fanTASTIC. Your previous design was cool by me, but this is out of this world wonderful. Thank you for gracing the internet with this space.

  2. I love, love, love the new site! It’s so cute! The designs are so unique, fun and so you!!

    Also, this drink. Yes, love that too!

  3. Yay Cindy and Sean! It looks so great! I love the nail polish brush at the end of vida, so you :) This cocktail is so beautiful and looks ready for its close-up in a magazine, for real. Happy 4th!

  4. CINDY!!! I love these design so much!! and the nail polish.. hello..adorbs…
    St. Germaine and Bourbon.. “Let the church say Amen”

  5. Eeeeee!!!! I love the new design!!! So much, actually. It adds so much of your personality to the actual look of the site (hope that’s not too creepy)….ANYWAY! This smash is one fantastic looking drink. I’ll take two!

  6. wow – this sounds like a delicious combo!! Love strawberry and mint with the sweetness of bourbon. Pinning this for sure! Congrats on the new look!! :)

  7. Cindy, your site looks awesome! The header is so fun and it’s so clean and gorgeous! I have been “working” on my redesign for the last 6 months, and dang, is it a lot of work. I hate everything about the process, but the end result is always so worth it. Congrats and nicely done!

  8. 1. Your site looks so great. Yay! 2. I need to make this drink over the long weekend. Only maybe with 2 ounces of bourbon. Heh. ;)

  9. Wow, I love your new blog design! The header is gorgeous, I love all the colors, and once you start scrolling down, the clean layout really makes your photos pop.

    I have been making a blackberry smash frequently over the past couple of months and JUST finished making a batch of blackberry syrup for tomorrow, but wish I had seen this first! It sounds delicious, and believe it or not, I don’t think I’ve ever tried St. Germain.

    • Thank you! I really wanted to maintain a bright/colorful header, but still have a pretty clean layout otherwise. Blackberry smashes are equally delicious!

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  11. The site looks beautiful! I really need to get around to updating mine, but it’s such a big scary decision!

    Love the photos of this drink, stunning set

  12. This drink looks great! I love anything with st. Germaine and/or mint! Also love those glasses! Looking for some diamond cut lowball glasses, mind sharing where they are from??

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