A Photo A Day: Week 19

 5/6/2012: I love eggs…and, I have a hard time taking photos of things in my hand.

 5/7/2012: Pink roses this time.

 5/8/2012: Hazelnuts are my fave. I’ll be posting the recipe I used them in soon!

 5/9/2012: Baby Italian Parsely, kitchen window garden.

 5/10/2012: Sunning some dough for these buns.

 5/11/2012: My favorite corner of our yard is Spring Crazy!

 5/12/2012: Favorite grocery bag from the produce stand of my childhood. My mom and I still stop there anytime we’re in the area.


  1. says

    I just stopped at Pedrick Produce this weekend while driving from Sacramento to the Bay Area. I also went there a lot as a kid :)

  2. Rachel says

    LOVE PEDRICKS! I went to grad school at Davis and would always go to Pedricks.

    I live in Minnesota now, but was out visiting again a couple weeks ago and actually bought myself one of those bags too. :)

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