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HI! So, I’m gonna try to do these link round-ups on Mondays…cause, let’s be real…Mondays are often the saddest day of the week. I mean, we all need some distraction to ease us into the week.

Billy has turned into a donut-makin’ machine…for real. I’ll take a dozen of these Baked Peanut Butter Cup Donuts with Sea Salt, thank you.

Jessica’s Autumn Arugula Salad is a beauty queen…I mean, look at it…it’s SO LOVELY. I can’t even deal.

Adrianna made these moody-hued Pomegranate Tarragon Caipiroska’s and they look like the perfect fall time cocktail. I’ve been a sucker for maroon-ish things this year and these drinks are too pretty to ignore.

This Gooey Apricot Orange Twisted Coffee Cake from Wanna Be a Country Cleaver is a stunner. It looks perfect for sharing over hot bevs and some chit-chat.

Tieghan made these Double Stuff Pumpkin Pie Oreos…and I mean, what is there to really say. Just look at ’em!

I am super intrigued by this No Fail Pastry Crust from Elise at Simply Recipes…there’s sour cream in there! I’mma have to try this one out for sure.

Megan has been killing it in the ice cream dept…I mean, Maple Oatmeal Cookie Ice Cream?! I imagine it’s like those oatmeal cream pie sandwiches, but frozen. YUM TOWN.

And this Black Raspberry Creme Fraiche Ice Cream from Autumn Makes and Does is so dang lovely, that color just gets me…and anything with creme fraiche is good by me.

I’m a fan of the short story form and Alice Munro is one of my favorite authors, ever…in any genre. She just won the Nobel Prize in Literature, and let me tell you…it was totally deserved. I clapped when I read the news. I love the way she writes about quiet, human drama, and connections. To me, her work is heartbreakingly humble and human. I just love her.

These quotes from beauty, Kate Winslet, on loving our/her bodies are so great.

17 Misused and Made Up Words That Make You Rage…YES to so many of these. Nausea/Nauseated is one of my pet peeves.

I know Erin, half of the Western Traditions letterpress team, and she is just as sweet and cool as she is talented. She’s a great person to sit next to at a wedding OR to make your wedding invites. Check out this piece about Western Traditions on refinery 29.

And finally, a healthy dose of SPOOKY…these images of abandoned houses/buildings in western Europe will make your spine tingle. It’s as if people were just living their lives and suddenly, poof…they were gone. The bedrooms are my favorites…and the church pews are so SPOOKY-SCARY!



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    You’re right, Cindy, Mondays could totally use fun links. I haven’t read any of Alice Munro’s work, but I need to seek it out. Glad to know you’re a fan!

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    Seriously, you link the BEST links! I wish I never stopped my weekly links. I got a mean comment about how I was doing them and it totally got to me. I need to start them back up!
    Jess’s salad(gorgeous!), Megans doughnuts, the other Megans coffee cake!Just all so good! Oh and that no fail pie crust? Yes, I need that! Headed to check them all out now.

    And BIG thanks for linking my pumpkin pie oreos!

    • says

      Thanks, Tieghan!! Those Oreos are so good lookin’!

      And, I hear ya…rude comments really derail me, too, but I try to remind myself they don’t matter and…not to feed the trolls :) It can be tough, but you should totally start again if you want to!


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