Creamy Coconut Ice Pops {Plus, Giveaway!}

First thing, these pops. They are easy going, laid back, summertime dudes. They are dairy free, egg free, gluten free, and totes vegan. I almost never try to make my food vegan, but sometimes it happens and it’s a total bonus. Second bonus, you can make these with just THREE ingredients, plus a tiny pinch of salt and spice.

These pops happened that way, I wanted to make an easy, frozen treat and since coconut milk is such a creamy-dream and super easy to find, I decided to make it into an ice pop. For extra goodness, I added a liberal amount of toasted coconut flakes and a pinch of cinnamon, since I find it amazing with toasty coconut, as well as pure maple syrup to sweeten the deal. The pops are super coconut-y, decadently creamy and sweet, and just a hint spicy. They are cooling, yet feel so indulgent…and are perfect for sharing with your coconut loving comrades.

Second thing…GIVEAWAY! This giveaway is just a few favorites that I love to bake with or just have around to fancy up my life. I purchased all of the items below from Bake It Pretty. You can enter this giveaway THREE times.

1. Leave me a comment, tell me what you’re obsessed with lately (I’m obsessed with ice pops, Game of Thrones, and pink nail polish, fyi…).

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Please be sure to leave your email or a link to your own blog (if you have one), so I can contact you if you win. Giveaway closes on Tuesday, July 31st at midnight. Any entries after midnight will not be counted. I will choose a winner at random (via and announce the winner on my blog on Wednesday, August 1st. Good Luck!

And, HERE is what you can win…finally, jeez.

{PS…I won’t be responding to comments as-usual for this post since it’s a giveaway. Please feel free to email, tweet, or leave me a message on facebook if you have any pressing questions or comments.}

Creamy Coconut Ice Pops

Originally, I had the idea to use honey for the sweetener, but to keep it on the vegan side I used maple syrup instead. If you want to ensure vegan satisfaction, use 100% pure maple syrup. 

1 can coconut milk, stirred well

1/3 cup maple syrup

heaping 1/2 cup toasted coconut flake, unsweetened variety

tiny pinch each cinnamon and salt

Stir together all ingredients to combine well. Divide mixture among 6-7 popsicle molds and freeze for 30 minutes. Insert sticks and continue to freeze for at least 6 additional hours.



  1. Sarah says

    I am OBSESSED with grilled figs right now. Serve them with fresh basil and a drizzle of balsamic? Yummy….

  2. Mia says

    I love these straws. I saw them in grey or orange but blue are the nicest. I make my own pops so I will try this. Maybe if others want it vegan, you could substitute the honey for agave nectar.I tried agave nectar with my avocado pops and it wasn’t sweet at all. I’m from Canada so maple syrup isn’t as tropical.;)

  3. says

    STRIPEY STRAWS! whoop whoop! currently obsessed with: ontario peaches, season 5 of breaking bad, OPI “dating a royal” blue nail polish, making friendship bracelets, my new ice cream maker. hmmm…i feel like i should blog these things like we did for the homefries homework at the beginning of the summer!

  4. Kimberly says

    I’m obsessed with my Kindle Fire. Reading reading reading until my eyeballs can’t take it anymore!

  5. Jess says

    I’m loving any combination of neon and light heathered grey, boathouse by essie on my nails, and flavored bitters for my cocktails.

  6. says

    At the moment, I’m obsessed with peaches (so! many! peaches!), The Weepies, and learning how to use my gentleman friend’s fancy cameras.

    PS: followed and shared on Twitter. :)

  7. Seantellc says

    I am totally obsessed with toasty bread topped with caramelized onions, sauteed swiss chard, scrambled eggs and fresh shaved parmesan. MMMMMM food.

  8. Karly W says

    I’ve been totally falling in love with Kinfolk recently, particularly their awesome segment on Herriott Grace. If you haven’t checked it out yet, find it here at www(dot)kinfolkmag(dot)com! (I’m not posting this via sponsorship or anything I’m just a fan!)

    • faye says

      I forgot to leave an obsession! I’m super obsessed with infusing booze and washi tape – i keep sticking it on EVERYTHING!

  9. Frances G. says

    I’m currently obsessed with turquoise nail polish, turkey taco salad and my new coconut lip balm. I can’t get enough of all three right now!

  10. says

    Coconut is all the rage right now, isn’t it? This is a brilliant way to use it – so easy, and they look delicious! I’m obsessed with re-watching 90s TV series that I nearly forgot existed (Northern Exposure, anyone?).

  11. Zahra says

    My obsessions are usually food-based. Kind of obsessed with a date and almond smoothie made just with water. Like a sweet, unstrained homemade almond milk. Keeps me full for half a day and it is delicious. Also obsessed with toast topped with avocado. Planning to eat that for the next month.

  12. says

    Love the idea for coconut ice pops! Right now I’m loving: grilled corn, hummus, cold summer salads, greek yogurt with granola & fruit, chilled white wine, grilled zucchini…. OK OK, anything grilled!!

  13. says

    I am currently obbssessed with summer berries, Teen Wolf(I’m not embarrassed to admit this), and painting my nails with essie’s bright summer collections

  14. says

    These pops are perfect! And what summery perfection.

    Ok, I’m totally obsessed with S’mores everything, maxi dresses, and iced americano’s.

  15. says

    good thing you posted these, because I’m currently obsessed with popsicles, homemade watermelon agua fresca, and summer dresses with stripes or polka-dots. yay. :)

  16. joan says

    I’m currently obsessed with epic water balloon battles with my 3-year old Stella, Downton Abbey (I’m about halfway thru Season 2) and Bunheads (so freakin’ adorable and funny), and painting Stella’s toe nails (she’s partial to Essie’s Over the Shoulder pink and To Buy or Not to Buy lavendar).

  17. joan says

    And I shared your post on Facebook.

    Thanks for creating such a lovely blog, and for a chance to win those sweet straws!

  18. kelly. says

    i love coconut. which brought me here from tastespotting. but really i’m obsessed with the sun right now. and fresh fruit… cherries, nectarines etc.
    also, oddly enough, i work for an organization called ‘hungry for life’.

  19. Sara says

    I know I’m a year late but I am actually obssessed with coconut desserts right now (and fish dishes and mint nail polish) and I loved your recipe, I’m off to try it right away!


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