Beer Battered Pickles and Adventures in Frying Part 2

Have you ever had a fried pickle? I mean, I know there are a lot of gratuitous fried treats out there, and maybe a fried pickle seems kind of gross, but it is SO not.

Fried pickles are, in fact, amazing.

Though, I am not usually a fan of warm pickles–I generally like them cool and crunchy–I make exception when it comes to battering them (beer batter!) and frying them up to crisp, golden perfection. The sharp and tangy pickle against a rich, crispy-fried coating is beer-food perfection.

These pickles would make a great cocktail or beer sipping snack–I imagine they would be perfect for sports-viewing. Megan and I made these after we made those glorious nutella-filled donuts–because seriously, if you are frying one thing, you might as well fry two. There isn’t much sports watching in my house, so I think these are totally appropriate for a snack-style lunch–donuts first, pickles second–with a cold beer and some friendly chatting.


We used McClure’s pickles (spicy and regular) and the beer with the cutest label we could find. Be sure to click over to Megan’s blog for the recipe and more photos!

{PS, Megan’s place has the BEST light ever. I am totes jealous.}


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    I’m glad I’m not the only one who looks for the cutest labels when making things I’m gonna photograph! I felt like a complete n00b at the liquor store when I asked the guy behind the counter “Um… do you have a rum that’s… more photogenic?” I felt like a heretic :s

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    It’s official your frying party was the place to be. I just got back from the most insane pot luck ever…tons and tons of delicious food and now all I want is beer battered pickles. Good thing I have sorghum beer in the house. A little celiac disease isn’t going to stop me. ;)


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