Game Day Eats

While we aren’t really football watchers around here (Sean’s die-hard for fútbol), we do get down with some game-day fare. I mean, I’m into game days and the Superbowl…if there are snacks and treats galore. Below are just a few recipes that I think would totes be Big Game appropriate.

Roasted Pepper Cheese Dip

QUESO, y’all! It’s a cheesy, spicy, gooey hot tub for chips and other dip-ables. It’s a processed-cheese-free dream.

Beer Battered Pickles

There isn’t much to say here, I mean it’s pickles dipped in beer batter, then deep fried. These are arguably the best-ever snack to accompany a super chilled beer. Photo below by me, recipe on my girl–Megan’s–blog.

Corn Dog Pops

All the goodness of a corn dog, miniaturized on a stick. These pretty much eliminate the awkwardness that is eating a corn dog. Plus, you can have like, half a dozen or more!

Easy + Light Potato Soup

In case you want another option besides the standard chili (I know I’m not kidding anyone here, chili is the business), this potato soup is just a bit lighter, totally filling and warm, and can be topped with all kinds of goodness…just like chili.

Streusel-Topped and Rocky Road Brownies

Brownies from scratch are among the easiest, most satisfying desserts around. They can feed a crowd and adaptations are endless. I love these two brownies–I mean, crunchy streusel or gooey, nutty rocky road. It’s a tough choice, but one could totally make both!


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    Everyone knows the best part of the “big game” is the food! Well, I guess that’s what all non-football fans always say :) I mean, you can’t even say it’s the SB or you’ll be fined a million dollars, right? We prefer fútbol, too! The boys are way cuter :)

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    OHHH the brownies. You know, here in Australia we are seriously lacking in the area of big ‘game day’ get togethers! I think I might have to introduce this tradition to the country. Just to get the snacks, of course.

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    Oh there are some tasty things in this list! I’m with you on the beer-battered pickles. Tried them a few years ago and never looked back – best. combination. ever.

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